10 Signs Your Ex Will Get Back Eventually (2023)

It is inevitable that after breaking up with someone you love, there will come a time when you wonderwhen the relationship really endedor if there's a chance your ex is really just pretending he's over you. And if so, maybe one day the two of you will get back together.

my ex is coming back

How to know if your breakup is forever? You do not. At this stage, you may be going crazy looking for hidden good signs that your ex will eventually come back, spend time with you, and ask to be with you again.

When you talk to them, you probably don't know exactly where you are. The things they do and say leave you more confused than ever. They need 100% clarity that they have moved on, yeahYou will be able to overcome them.and make your life move again.

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Why is it so hard to know if your ex wants you back?

Unfortunately, men and women can be equally impressive.send mixed signals. Some might say that this confusion stems from the different way men and women handle breakups, even if they end on good terms.As TODAY Show Style Editor Bobbie Thomas says, "Women finish harder, but men finish longer."

In the process of getting over an ex after a breakup, a woman often allows herself to feel all her painful emotions, talk to her close friends, take time to analyze what happened in the relationship, and remember the good times. The process is extremely difficult, but it helps women gain clarity and emotional closure.

Men, on the other hand, are likely to bury their feelings and appear to "move on." For example, men may make a conscious effort to start dating right away. As such, they will delay the separation and processing of the relationship. In all honesty, your boyfriend may not know if he's really ready to move on or not.

According to a studyStereotypes about the different ways men and women deal with breakups, conducted by researchers at Binghamton University and University College London, are based on some proven truths. "Women," according to the study, "experience more emotional pain after a breakup, but also bounce back better."

As part of the study, “5,705 participants in 96 countries were asked to rate the emotional and physical pain of a breakup on a scale of one (none) to 10 (excruciating) of physical and emotional pain. Women had a mean of 6.84 in emotional distress compared to 6.58 for men. Regarding physical pain, women had an average of 4.21 compared to 3.75 for men. While breakups affect women more emotionally and physically, women tend to bounce back better and come out emotionally stronger. Men, on the other hand, never fully recover, they just keep going."

Our society teaches women to be comfortable and express themselves.sadness feelings. A woman is expected to cry, share her anguish with friends, and even go to therapy for her heartbreak. Men are taught from childhood to "be men." A man, even wounded, is expected to appear strong and in control, maintaining his independence without asking for help. That's why men not only take longer to recover from heartbreak, but also tend to behave more destructively along the way.

Does all of this mean that your ex will eventually get back together? Not necessarily. But if you miss your ex and want to get back together, here are 10 signs to look out for.

10 Signs Your Ex Will Get Back Eventually

1. Your ex is already in a new relationship (rebound).

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You found out that your ex is already in another relationship. How is that possible? Could they really move that fast? Experts point out that rebound relationships are common after breakups. EITHERThe purpose of a rebound relationship is to fill the void.What remains after a painful breakup.

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A relationship comes with feelings of intimacy, security, and familiarity. Many people mourn the loss of these feelings after a breakup and make up for it by building a relationship with someone else. A rebound relationship is an emotional Band-Aid. As such, your ex could get into a rebound relationship even if he still has a crush on you. There are a number of clues that will help you determine if your ex's new relationship is real or a recreation.

Did your ex start dating very quickly after the breakup? If the two of you have only been apart for a few weeks and your ex is already back together, chances are she's on the mend and is still interested in you.

2. Your ex is dating someone who is your opposite.

Experts point out that exes sometimes try to ease the pain of a breakup by finding someone other than their ex.

You're probably done when:If your ex's new partner isn't like you, it's probably a big sign that your ex still likes you, but is trying to use the new boo to forget you.

3. They have been very busy on social media.

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Is your ex stalking you on social media? If your ex scrolls through your comments on social media, shares things you post, and likes your posts, these are signs that he may still have feelings for you. Your ex wouldn't be monitoring your social media content if you didn't. People don't spend their time and energy on things that don't mean much to them.

Does your ex post a lot of party photos? Your ex feels the need to capture all the "fun" events that are blowing up your social media accounts for not moving on. Your ex tries to bombard you with photographic evidence that he's "moved on" and "over you," even though these actions clearly indicate otherwise.

But if your ex unfollowed your social media accounts and unfriended you, that means your ex is trying to move on and doesn't want you to follow them back in their life.die No-Contact-Regel. Many times,stay connected on social mediait may not be healthy because it leaves the doors open for communication and makes it harder for both exes to find closure.

You're probably done when:If your social media activity hasn't changed, it could indicate that you're dealing with the breakup maturely and clearly moving on with your lives. It's just a matter of time.

4. You have not returned your belongings.

Many gifts and items were exchanged that were likely related to the relationship. Do you still have a lot of things from your ex? Has your ex invaded every aspect of your life? Does our ex tie up loose ends for us? If your stuff hasn't been returned to you, they expect you to come back.

If your ex isn't completely over you, they will choose not to take things back so they have an excuse to pick them up another time. As long as there are items in your house that belong to your ex, this is a strong sign that both of you still have unfinished business.

You're probably done when:If your ex returned all of your stuff and returned your post-breakup gifts and picked up your things, this is your ex's way of telling you that they are serious about moving on. When everything has been returned to its rightful owners, no business is left unfinished and your ex is ready to move on.

5. Your ex is still in contact with you.

Are you still texting and calling like the old days? Does your ex call to check on you and ask how your day was? This is one of the biggest signs that your ex probably misses you and isn't over you.

You're probably done when:When your ex cuts ties, he doesn't want to keep in touch. It's Over If your ex avoids going to places you could be, even places they would normally like to go, your ex is trying to make sure the two of you don't have a reason to reconnect.

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6. You don't seem to be moving forward.

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Moving on doesn't always have to be symbolic. Sometimes people can literally move on after a breakup, especially if previous partners work in the same place or have mutual friends.

You're probably done when:When your ex moves out, that's a big deal. A long distance relationship means that you have no plans to get back together because your ex is not seeing you in the future.

7. Your ex is still the same.

If your ex is careful to stick to the same routines and habits he had when he was with you, it could be a sign that he doesn't really want to change much, including where you are in his life.

You're probably done when:If you pay attention and find your ex trying new things and new experiences, you may have to admit that your ex is moving on with his life. Is your ex learning a new language? Travel more? Do you go hiking? go camping? It clearly says that your ex is moving on. Your ex wants a life that takes you out of your comfort zone and from day to day. What better way to move on!

Your ex might also look different. Did your ex cut or dye their hair? Does your ex dress differently? Your ex is intentionally building a new life for himself and you better believe it's all about moving on.

8. Your ex only speaks well of you.

Did your ex congratulate you on everything and everyone? From your career to your appearance, they only have good things to say about you. When your ex does this, it means that he wants the people around him to know how much they appreciate you.

Making sure these compliments come back to you can lead you to have positive feelings for your ex, allowing you to come back.

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You're probably done when:If your ex stops talking about you, it could be a strong sign that he is no longer interested in or thinks about you much.

9. You're still upset about the breakup.

This one is pretty obvious. If your ex is devastated that you broke up, it means that he still wants to be with you. It takes an ex a long time to admit that he's upset and sad about a breakup (especially if that ex is a man). So if he makes sure you know, it means he wants you back.

You can tell a mutual friend to make sure they hear how much they miss you. Exes who act like nothing happened are fooling themselves and end up hurting not only themselves but their exes as well. If your ex makes sure you know he's upset, it's a good sign he may have moved on and wants you back.

10. The separation was friendly.

If you can think about your relationship from start to finish and only remember the good times, then there is a good chance that your ex will recognize the same and get back together soon.

Usually, if the reason for your breakup is not a major reason like cheating, mind games, or other things in life, your ex will usually understand that he wants to be a part of your life and will eventually come back.

If no damage was done to the relationship, it is definitely salvageable and rekindling your relationship might be a bit easier. Be patient.

Now that you know if your ex still has feelings for you, the important question is, do you want your ex back?

Remember, there's a reason things didn't work out. Is the reason something you both can work on or do you both really need to stop?

Even if your ex wants you back, this is a crucial time to make that all-important decision: should you take a step to win your ex back and start a healthy relationship, or end the relationship once and for all, or is it your decision? Fear of rejection that prevents you from your happy ending?


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