16 Psychic Signs He Misses You (Complete List) (2023)

Ever wonder if someone misses you or is thinking about you?

Sure, sometimes it can be a little hard to tell, but there are some psychic signs that indicate a girl misses you!

1) You dream about her

Many people have dreams about people they like.

The reason is that there are many emotions associated with the person in your dream.

But did you know that when you dream about her, she might think about you too?

It's a psychic sign that he misses you!

Think about it: when he misses you, he sends you energy. This energy merges with his and affects your subconscious in a way thatappears in your dreams!

Amazing right?

2) You feel something is missing

This is one of the most obvious ones.psychic signsthat she misses you

When you feel something is missing in your life, and especially whenthis feeling comes out of nowhere, there's a chance she feels the same way!

Again, this has to do with your energies.

When he misses you he sends his energy to you.

If you're not around to pick it up, you can suck it up and start to feel like something is missing, even if you can't quite pinpoint what it is.

The best way to find out if this is true or not is to ask him.

3) A talented consultant confirms this

The points in this article will give you a good idea whether a woman misses you or not.

But what if you want advice tailored to your specific situation?

A talented consultant can answer all kinds of questions and provide you with the guidance you're looking for.

Do they really miss you? Are you destined to be with them?

When I spoke to someone about itpsychic sourceAfter going through a rough patch in my love life they really helped me.

After months of not feeling like myself, I was finally able to see my situation with greater clarity and direction.

Not to mention I was really impressed with how kind, empathetic and understanding they handled my unique situation.

Click here for your own reading.

In one reading, a gifted counselor can tell if this girl is missing you and, more importantly, empower you to make the right decisions when it comes to your life.

4) Your mood is constantly changing

This is a pretty obvious sign.

(Video) 11 Psychic Signs Someone Is Constantly Thinking Of You

If his mood swings from happy to sad to angry to frustrated for no apparent reason, it could be because he misses you.

You see, when someone misses you, they energetically send their vibes your way.

If you're not there to pick it up, you might suck it up and start feeling all kinds of mixed feelings.

This can be confusing, all of a sudden you might be sitting at the table and instead of being happy your spirits are sinking and you want to cry.

Of course, you should probably talk to a doctor or therapist if this persists, but it could also be a sign that he's missing you.

5) You will find white feathers

16 Psychic Signs He Misses You (Complete List) (1)

Finding a single feather on the floor or in your room is not a strange coincidence.

It means that the person you are thinking of hadany connection with, thinking about you.

It could also mean that someone has good intentions for you or wants you to know that they are thinking of you.

white feathersit can also mean purity and innocence.

You know, white feathers are a powerful symbol of love and protection.

It can also mean thatsomeone thinks of youand I want you to know that you care.

So the next time you see a feather, don't blow it away like a strange coincidence.

Instead, try to find out who might have thought of you or even flagged you down.

The pen doesn't necessarily have to be physical either.

could you see that

  • at a show or a movie
  • in a social media post
  • written in a book
  • on a billboard
  • etc.

6) You can't get them out of your head

It may seem strange to some, but when you find that you can't stop thinking about a certain girl, she might miss you!

This is especially true if you've been trying to get in touch with her for a while.

You see, if she thinks about you all the time and misses you, if you have a strong psychic connection with her, you might have that in mind!

This is because your frequency is constantly being broadcast to you and your subconscious cannot help but think about it.

It's nothing to be ashamed of, it just means thatYou have a strong connection.with her.

Don't worry, it will pass and eventually you'll stop thinking about her so much.

Mas enquanto isso, você deve tentar descobrir por que ela está tanto em sua mente.

Should you talk to her?

Essentially, it's up to you what you want to do next, but if you feel like you miss her and she might return those thoughts, text her!

(Video) 11 Signs Someone Truly Misses You (Psychology)

7) You get goosebumps out of nowhere

It might not be the best feeling to get goosebumps out of the blue, but it's usually a sign that someone is thinking about you.

Picture this: you just stay at home and don't do anything out of the ordinary.

Suddenly you feel your heart beating faster and your skin tingling.

This is because your brain is sending signals to your body that a certain girl is thinking about you.

Your emotions are running high because you are thinking about them without realizing it!

Goosebumps are an excellent psychic sign to see if someone misses you.

But if you want more clarity on this, you can speak to a consultant.

I've already mentioned how talking with a gifted counselor can reveal the truth about when someone misses you.

Rather than just analyzing the signs in hopes of getting answers, a talented consultant can give you real clarity about your situation.

And the best part about talking to the folks at Psychic Source?

Not only can they give you some guidance about your situation, but they can also empower you to make the right decisions when it comes to your love life.

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8) Your dog is acting strangely

All right, listen to me here.

Dogs are clairvoyant, Also.

You can sense when someone is thinking of you or missing you.

So if you have a dog and you seem to be acting out of character, it could mean someone is thinking about you!

This is especially true if the dog knows the person of interest very well.

9) Your dreams are intense and vivid

This is self-explanatory.

If your dreams are intense and vivid, it may have some meaning.girl miss you

Dreams usually reflect our thoughts. So if you've been thinking about her lately, you might even be dreaming about her, as I mentioned above!

However, now this girl couldappear in your dreamsabsolute!

Instead, you may only perceive extremely intense and vivid dreams that come from your subconscious.record signals.

10) You have a song in your head

It happened to everyone.

You hear a song on the radio that you really like and it sticks in your head.

(Video) 12 psychic signs your twin flame is thinking of you sexually

No matter what you do, you can't get it out of your head! You sing in the shower, when you go to sleep, when you go to work...

There you are trapped!

Well, when someone thinks of you and sends their frequency to yours, you can have a song in your head without hearing it anywhere.

This sign can be easy to miss at times, but it's most noticeable when it's a song you know he likes or a song that means something to the two of you.

Think about it: is the song that stuck in your head connected to a specific memory you shared with her?

If so, it might be her way of saying she misses you!

11) You feel that someone is with you or watching you

When someone thinks about you, you can feelas if someone were with you, or is observed.

This is a clear sign that he missed you and sent his frequency to yours!

This could be a sign that he misses you.

It's also possible that she only thinks about you andwanna show some affection.

Honestly, this sign can be a little scary, especially if you're home alone.

However, when this is the case, the presence you perceive usually appears calm and peaceful, not threatening.

If this happens to you, try to imagine her sending her frequency into yours and hugging you.

This will help you feel more comfortable.

12) You feel your phone vibrate in your pocket, but it doesn't

16 Psychic Signs He Misses You (Complete List) (2)

Okay, this might be a little weird!

If your phone doesn't vibrate in your pocket or hands, but it feels like it does, it could be a sign that your phone is transmitting its frequency to yours.

Think about it: maybe she's thinking about texting you, and the mere preview makes you feel your phone vibrate!

Again, it's up to your own judgment: do you want to approach her?

If not, your best bet is to block both of your minds and focus on something else.

You know, just because someone misses you doesn't mean you have to reciprocate those feelings in any way.

You have the right to do what makes you happy!

Go in and decide how you feel about her, and then find out.What will be your next step.

13) You hiccup a lot

If you get hiccups out of the blue, it could be because someone is thinking about you.

It's a common belief that if you hiccup and can't catch your breath, it's because someone is thinking of you or missing you!

(Video) 16 Signs He’s Hiding His Feelings For You

Of course, this can have different causes.

Before using this as a sign, make sure you rule out the other possible causes of hiccups:

  • eat too fast
  • medicine
  • drink carbonated water
  • drink too fast

If none of these apply to you, your setbacks could be because she misses you!

14) You experience a spiritual touch from her

One of the first signs that he misses you is phantom touches.

It might not be easy to remember what his hands felt like, but if you feel a hand touching you and it's not there, it could be a sign that he misses you.

You may also experience phantom touches in other ways, such as B. when someone blows in your ear or kisses your neck and you feel like you're that person.

This can be pretty scary at times, not going to lie.

But it's a good sign that she misses you.

So the next time you feel someone hug you or touch you when you're alone, that person might miss you!

15) Your ears or your face is red

Another psychological sign that a woman is missing you is when you feel your ears or face turning red out of nowhere.

Facial flushing is a good sign that someone is sending you energy from afar.

Of course, there are some other reasons for a red face or ears:

  • to emphasize
  • working outside
  • hot feeling
  • have a fever
  • etc.

If none of these apply to you, your flushed face could be because a woman is missing you.

16) You hear his voice

The next sign that a woman is missing you is when you hear her voice.

Maybe you drive your car, on your way to work or home; Suddenly you feel like you're listening to her talk to you!

This might seem strange at first, and you probably brush it off at first, thinking it's a coincidence.

However, if it keeps happening, you'll know that he really misses you a lot!

What should you do next?

Now you're probably wondering, what should I do next?

Well that really depends on you.

Of course, none of these signs will miss you 100%, but when they are added up, you can be sure.

Now: If you miss her too, why not take the first step and give her a call?

The worst that can happen is she doesn't want to leave!

I mentionedpsychic sourceearlier. They have always helped me in the past when I felt I was at a dead end.

That's why I always recommend it to anyone who is having problems in their love life.

(Video) The Untold Truth Of Hollywood Medium's Tyler Henry

Their advisors can help you get to the root of your problems and help you make confident decisions about your future.

When I recently signed up for a love reading I was blown away by how kind and genuinely helpful they were.

Click here for your own love reading.


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