Canada's Top 15 Solar Panel Installers by 2022 - SolarFeeds Magazine (2023)

Canada's solar industry is growing rapidly. Much of that growth has occurred in and around the Ontario solar market, which produces more than 99 percent of Canada's solar power. The Ontario market is one of the top 20 markets for solar electricity in the world.

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1. AMP Solar Group

dva. tree consulting

3. Azgard

4. Bendigo

5. Holm oak resources

six. canadian solar power

Gorcon Industries sedan

eight. joule

Nine. the energy of inspiration

X. Life offline

11. My energy company

dvanaest. Quadra Power Company

Thirteen. EPC Solar Canada

fourteen. solar plantation

sixteen. in conclusion

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Along with Ontario, other provinces and cities are also catching up as the country's solar market expands.

By 2020, solar power will account for nearly 1 percent of total electricity generation in Canada, with nearly 6,300 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity.

The industry will also create about 65,000 jobs per year and employ about 10,000 people a year. The bulk of employment is likely to be in construction, manufacturing, and operations and maintenance.

If you are a craftsman, surely you can buyDIY off-grid solar kit.but if it's a bigger project, you should check out the top 15 solar panel installers in Canada. Companies were selected based on a minimum plant size of 1 MW, small facilities, and off-grid/grid-connected capacity.

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AMP solar group

>>AMP Solar Group | Opinions, prices, contact, CEO

Canada's Top 15 Solar Panel Installers by 2022 - SolarFeeds Magazine (1)

Amp Solar Group is an Ontario-based company that develops flexible clean energy infrastructure.

To date, the company has completed 32,000 projects. In addition, 2 GW investments are being prepared, and 1.8 billion yuan of funds have been invested.

Additionally, in October 2018, Amp Energy partnered with ZOMA Capital to complete a C$200 million financing. According to the company, the financing operation reinforces its position as a market leader and will further accelerate its growth process.

Amp Solar Group uses risk management tools based on proprietary technology to deliver clean, affordable solar energy to customers, with reliable systems and security.

tree consulting

>>Arborus Consulting | Opinions, prices, contact, director

Canada's Top 15 Solar Panel Installers by 2022 - SolarFeeds Magazine (2)

Arborus Consulting has over 30 years of experience in energy analysis, design and consulting for high performance buildings.

Arborus has evaluated, designed, and installed more than 100 megawatts of renewable energy projects, including photovoltaic, solar thermal, and more. They also have experience as developers of solar energy.

Arborus has developed and installed solar systems in Thousand Islands National Parks, Jasper National Parks, St. Eugene, Ontario, and even remote schools in Argentina.

In addition, the company has installed solar power systems and energy storage systems while working for government agencies and remote communities.

The Arborus energy model portfolio includes more than 700 energy simulations, validations, and technical support. The company has a proven track record in modeling techniques, strategies, and their application.


>>Azgard | Reviews, Prices, Contact, CEO

Canada's Top 15 Solar Panel Installers by 2022 - SolarFeeds Magazine (3)

Azgard Solar offers a complete range of solar products, including solar panels, solar mounts and inverters, as well as complete turnkey solar system packages.

The company also designedguardian of the sunA ground level solar rack system, which is an inexpensive system that requires little maintenance. This product is unique in that it is seasonally adjustable for its ability to handle the harsh weather conditions of Canada.

Azgard's most popular service package is the self-installing solar option. It is one of the cheapest and most profitable solar systems on the market (manually adjustable).

The company also provides design, installation, operation and maintenance services.


>>I bless | Reviews, Prices, Contact, CEO

Canada's Top 15 Solar Panel Installers by 2022 - SolarFeeds Magazine (4)

Bendygo's area of ​​expertise is custom solar energy design and installation for businesses, residential buildings, and agriculture.

The company works on projects from the ground up, such as initial concepts, feasibility assessments, FIT contracts, and more.

Bendygo has a team of solar panel installers to manage end-to-end solar projects. We provide design, engineering, procurement, construction, implementation and other services.

The company also finances, builds, develops, operates and maintains on-ground and rooftop solar projects.

Oak Burger Resurrection

>>Bur Oak Resources | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Canada's Top 15 Solar Panel Installers by 2022 - SolarFeeds Magazine (5)

Bur Oak Resources offers a wide range of renewable resource services. The main objective of the company is to provide customers with green technology at a reasonable price.

The company applies green technology to offer cost-effective solutions for clients who specifically want to be part of the "green movement."

Whether customers are looking for off-grid power solutions or net metering systems, Oak Resources can meet their specific needs. The company also offers financing options for projects from 100kW to 10MW, with OAC rates as low as 6.99%.

Whether customers want to use free electricity to meet high demand during the day, or need to provide solar power for brownfield sites, the company has you covered.

canadian solar power

>>canadian solar power | Reviews, prices, contacts, CEO

Canada's Top 15 Solar Panel Installers by 2022 - SolarFeeds Magazine (6)

Canadian Solar is one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in the world, not just in Canada, but on 6 continents.

The company has been in the solar business for over 18 years, during which time its PV shipments have exceeded 32 GW.

Canadian Solar's Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is that it provides real value by offering high-quality solar panels at a more affordable price than most manufacturers.

The types of solar panels offered by the company include monocrystalline tile modules (up to 420W) and polycrystalline bifacial PERC modules (up to 430W).

Main advantages:

  • Economic panels with better return on investment.
  • The guarantee of structural products is 10 years.
  • 97.5% guarantee of the first year of electrical energy production and 0.5% annual degradation.

All in all, Solar has proven to be a trusted brand over the years.

Gorcon Industries

>>Gorcon Industry | Reviews, prices, contacts, CEO

Canada's Top 15 Solar Panel Installers by 2022 - SolarFeeds Magazine (7)

Gorkon Industries is known throughout North America for providing custom solar photovoltaic engineering and design.

The full range of services offered by the company is:

Consulting/Project Management:The company serves a variety of solar consulting and project management needs. From feasibility studies, equipment design to optimization, the company manages all phases efficiently.

develop:Gorkon Industries has the latest insights into the solar project development process. Whether it be securing financing, FIT/PPA contract requirements or in-house technical expertise; they can do anything.

Engineering and design:The company is specialized in engineering and design of photovoltaic solar energy. They help customers determine suitability details to install floor-mounted or ceiling-mounted systems based on space and budget.

EPC and turnkey projects:Gorkon Industries executes and delivers projects on time and within budget.

The company also collaborates with industry, government, and universities to stay abreast of the latest information and technology.


>>july | Reviews, Prices, Contact, CEO

Canada's Top 15 Solar Panel Installers by 2022 - SolarFeeds Magazine (8)

GP Joule offers a wide range of solutions for renewable energy, whether it is solar energy, biogas or other energy sources.

The company supports its partners in every step of the project, from the initial concept to the production of clean energy. GP Joule also keeps the factory running by providing a range of professional services.

GP Joule designs and manufactures the PHLEGON® Single-Axis Tracker, an intelligent tracking system for ground-based photovoltaic installation projects that follows the path of the sun.

The company works with developers, landowners, contractors, lenders, investors, utilities, businesses, municipalities, and consumers to provide sustainable energy solutions.

GP Joule started its international operations in 2011 with offices in California (USA), New York (USA) and Reußenköge (Germany).

the energy of inspiration

>>Qifu Energy | Reviews, product prices, contact information, CEO

Canada's Top 15 Solar Panel Installers by 2022 - SolarFeeds Magazine (9)

Illuma Energy is located in Kingston, Ontario. The company provides reliable solar energy solutions to residential, business and industrial customers.

The company has more than 15 years of experience in the solar energy, biomass and renewable energy sectors. It has built solar energy systems in Ontario under the FIT and MicroFIT programs, providing clean and renewable energy to the province.

service provided:

  • Solar installation and network measurement
  • Off-grid systems and battery storage
  • Energy audits and management controls

Illuma Energy offers high-quality products that have been tested under the toughest conditions. The company offers turnkey assembly, as well as a 20-year warranty on all products.

offline life

>>Life off the grid | Reviews, prices, contacts, CEO

Canada's Top 15 Solar Panel Installers by 2022 - SolarFeeds Magazine (10)

Liveoffgrid's mission is to educate and help customers understand solar power systems.

The company has 4 years of experience in the solar industry and more than 10 years of experience in the electrical industry.

Benefits offered by the company:

  • Reasonable prices and knowledge.
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance service
  • Turnkey service from design to production.
  • Integrate with existing systems

Liveoffgrid has delivered projects and produced solar power from 0.2 kw to 12 MW.

rice energy co., ltd.

>>MiEnergy Inc. | Opinions, prices, contact, CEO

Canada's Top 15 Solar Panel Installers by 2022 - SolarFeeds Magazine (11)

MiEnergy is one of the largest providers of solar and geothermal energy solutions in Western Canada.

The company has over 16 years of experience in providing solar and geothermal solutions to over 1,500 residential and commercial customers. It also offers the following products to communities in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan:

  • Solar panels for residential users
  • Solar panels for commercial use.
  • community solar panels
  • agricultural solar panels

Residents and business owners in Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan are saving big each month by using MiEnergy services and investing in solar panels.

While utility rates continue to rise, MiEnergy solar panels can save customers an estimated $14,000 in the first 20 years after installation.

Quadra Power Company

>>quadra power inc | Opinions, prices, contact, CEO

Canada's Top 15 Solar Panel Installers by 2022 - SolarFeeds Magazine (12)

quadra power inc He has experience working with direct solar power construction projects of more than 200 MW.

The company also has extensive business, financial and engineering experience with its sister company Quadra Solar Corp.

Quadra's expertise lies in photovoltaic installations and has been involved with installations for small and large facilities throughout Ontario. The company is also in the process of international expansion.

Service area:

  • solar soil
  • solar on the roof
  • solar community
  • solar canopy
  • energy storage
  • buying in bulk

Quadra serves users from the public sector, public services, companies and private users. Quadra offers a high level of excellence in project development through alliances with other energy specialist companies.

EPC Solar Canada

>>Canadian Solar EPC | Reviews, prices, contacts, CEO

Canada's Top 15 Solar Panel Installers by 2022 - SolarFeeds Magazine (13)

Solar EPC is growing rapidly and is said to be one of the fastest growing solar installation companies in Canada.

According to the company, it takes a proactive, fair and reasonable approach to its solar PV business. Based on this approach, the company was able to apply sustainable and innovative solar energy.

Solar EPC provides a full range of services including design, procurement and construction on a global scale. The company develops projects, designs layouts and provides energy solutions for government, private and utility systems.

By providing renewable energy solutions, the company manages the entire process: site analysis, system design, installation, and system life-cycle maintenance/monitoring.

solar plantation

>>Solar Plantation | Opinions, prices, contact, CEO

Canada's Top 15 Solar Panel Installers by 2022 - SolarFeeds Magazine (14)

Solar Plantation has extensive experience installing all types of solar ground systems, including screwed piles, concrete piles, driven piles, pole mounts and more.

The company works primarily with stilt-mounted and above-ground systems and has worked on a number of projects in Alberta since 2012.

Currently, Solar Plantation is the only company in Western Canada that owns and uses local piling equipment to build large-scale solar PV projects.

Combining efficient technology, high skill, and extensive experience, the company makes the solar system installation process easier and more convenient for residential and commercial consumers.

spark dynamics

>>Spark Energy Corporation | Opinions, prices, contact, CEO

Canada's Top 15 Solar Panel Installers by 2022 - SolarFeeds Magazine (15)

Spark Power Corp. is one of the leading providers of electrical services and solutions. The company serves more than 6,500 commercial, industrial, renewable energy, agricultural and utility markets.

Following the Ontario Green Power Act of 2009, the company established itself as a leader in providing solar energy solutions. It also operates two solar cooperatives, AGRIS Co-op and GECO, under long-term contracts.

service provided:

  • solar and electric energy
  • Equipment and energy controls
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Energy and sustainability consulting

Spark Power's skilled technical, engineering and design teams implement complete power projects and meet the needs of its customers.

in conclusion

Implementing a solar project requires skill, experience and dedication. Renewable energy companies need to pay attention to several key areas of solar power project construction,Development of photovoltaic plants.

In addition, these companies must have experience in business management, finance and engineering.

The solar installers featured in this article are known for their experience, skills, work ethic, and reputation. We will update this list regularly to give you unbiased and unbiased information about solar installers so you can compare them before going with any of these companies. Keep checking our posts!

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Canada's Top 15 Solar Panel Installers by 2022 - SolarFeeds Magazine (16)

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