Dreaming repeatedly about someone you like (spiritual meanings and interpretations) (2023)

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Dreaming about someone repeatedly can be an important experience that leaves you both elated and confused. Whether it's an old crush, a current crush or even a celebrity, the person you dream about can have special meaning in your life. So why do we keep dreaming about certain people?

This article examines possible reasons for what it means to repeatedly dream about someone you care about: From unresolved feelings to personal growth and self-discovery, dreaming about someone can offer a glimpse into your waking life.

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What does it mean when you keep dreaming about someone you like?

1. You have a strong emotional connection with them.

If you have strong feelings for the person you are dreaming about, it is likely that your subconscious mind is trying to process these emotions in your dreams. Dreams can be a way for your mind to explore and understand your feelings, so it's natural to dream about someone you like when you're feeling particularly emotional about that person.

If you just broke up with someone you loved very much, you might have recurring dreams about that person to deal with the loss and try to understand your feelings. If you have a crush on someone and you think about them all the time, you might dream about them to explore and express what you are feeling.

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In these cases,I dream of this scenarioIt can provide a sense of comfort and connection even when you are apart. It can also be a way for your spirit to resolve unresolved issues related to the person and help you find the closure you need.

2. You miss this person

If you are physically separated from the person you dream about, your dreams could be your mind's way of dealing with the separation. Dreams can provide a sense of connection and comfort even when you are not physically together.

Perhaps you have recently become estranged from a close friend or loved one, so dream of them feeling close to you. If you are in a long distance relationship, you can dream about your lover to feel connected. There's nothing wrong with having these dream scenarios: as long as they don't become obsessive, they can bring a sense of comfort and help alleviate any feelings of loneliness or isolation.

Calling or texting this person will help ease your bad feelings and bring you closer to them.

3. You still have something to do

If you have unresolved feelings aboutthe person you dream of, your dreams can be a way for your mind to solve these problems. If you're in love with someone but still haven't acted on your feelings, your dreams could be a way for your mind to figure out what it would be like to be with that person.

If you had a fight with someone and you still haven't made up, you may be dreaming about this person to overcome your feelings and try to solve the problem. Perhaps your subconscious is telling you that you should try to get back to them and talk things through why you still need them in your life. Remember, don't let a misunderstanding arise between you and your soulmate - talk things through and make sure you're always on the same page.

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4. Personal growth and self-discovery

Another reason you might have recurring dreams about someone you care about is personal growth and self-discovery in your real life. If you have recurring dreams about someone you care about, it could be a sign that you are exploring your feelings and desires towards that person and that you are working on personal growth or self-discovery issues related to that person. Maybe you liked her when you were young, but now you're a very different person.

If youdream about ex boyfriendthat they treated you badly and you accepted it, even if you are in a current relationship doesn't mean you want them back in your life. It could be a simple sign from the universe to not make the same mistake twice: look in a new light and see how much you've changed since then, and use your intuition to be the best version of you, who you can be now.

5. You need to be more confident

If you dream about someone you are in a relationship with, it could be a good sign that the universe is encouraging you to trust your relationship and the bond you share. Maybe you have problems from the past, from a traumatic experience that led you to distrust and betrayal. But trust is an important part of any relationship and essential to building a strong, healthy, lasting connection.

Dream about your partnermay have a deeper meaningthan just your connection to them: this is how the universe reminds you of the love you share and encourages you to trust your relationship. This can be especially important when you face challenges in your relationship, as trust can help you resolve conflicts together.

Dreaming about your current partner can also be a form of guidance from the Universe to encourage you to trust yourself and help you make choices that are in line with your values ​​and beliefs.

6. You must put yourself first.

if you are constantDream about someone you likebut you are not bonding with them, it could be a sign that the universe is encouraging you to take care of yourself and prioritize your own needs.

Self-care is an important aspect of personal well-being and is essential for maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Find new ways to cultivate your interests, hobbies, and passions, and participate in self-care activities like exercise and relaxation.

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This will allow you to develop greater self-esteem and confidence and be better prepared to fearlessly navigate potential relationships that may come your way. Use them as motivation to let go of the things that tie you to the past or the people who are not good for you and learn to love yourself always.

7. You have to be more patient

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If you are dreaming about someone you are in love with but still haven't acted on your feelings, your dreams could be the universe's way of encouraging you to be patient and wait for the right moment to express your feelings.

This could be a sign that you're not the only person with feelings: maybe the other person is being held back by someone or something and now isn't the best time to clean up. This doesn't mean they don't like you, quite the contrary. You have to be patient, let things happen naturally and you will see that your feelings will be reciprocated in the end.

8. You feel trapped because you want to explore more.

Maybe you're stuck in a relationship and that's why you keep dreaming about someone you like, someone other than your current partner. This dream could be a way for your subconscious to explore and consider different scenarios or possibilities related to the person or the relationship.

romantic dreamsThey often allow us to process and work with emotions that we may not be able to consciously address in our waking lives. This could just be a fantasy in your head, a way to act out everything that could have happened if your life had been different and you weren't where you are now.

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Try asking yourself how you feel about the person in your dream and how you feel about your current relationship. Are you happy and content or dissatisfied in any way? Dreams don't always reflect reality and it's not necessarily true that a new relationship will make you happier: remember to be open and honest with your partner, but also trust your feelings.


Dreams about people you care about can be a rich source of information: they can reflect your feelings of attraction to them, as well as your subconscious desire for a closer connection. They can also be a way for your mind to process unresolved feelings related to the person or to explore different relationship-related scenarios.

By taking time to reflect on your feelings and dreams, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself. We hope this helped you learn more about your mind, but if you still have any questions, let us know in the comments.

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It's no secret, dreams and our emotions have a unique connection or attachment. Dreaming about someone frequently could mean that they're emotionally connected to you. You care for them deeply and you fervently wish to see them and ease your heart. You constantly think of them, whether consciously or subconsciously.

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If you're dreaming about the same person romantically, it can mean that you have a deep connection with them. It might also mean that your subconscious is trying to tell you something about your relationship with the other person.

When you dream about someone are they thinking of you? ›

While dreaming about someone usually means they are thinking of you, dreaming of the same person over and over again could also mean that they have thought of you so much that when you dream about them, it's just another instance where that thought enters your head.

What does it mean when you see one person again and again in your dreams? ›

Dreaming can help our brains sort through information while we sleep. Dr Mayer also said that dreaming about someone over and over again shouldn't be interpreted in a literal way. That person might actually be symbolising certain stress or anxiety we are going through.

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Sometimes, God is showing you your soulmate in your dreams and if you take the time to listen and learn about the dream, it can become prophetic about your life. This article will enumerate 12 signs that God is about to show you your soulmate in your dreams.

How do you know if someone is constantly thinking about you? ›

You Dream About Them

This is especially true for people who have not seen each other for a long time. If they are thinking actively about you, it might be enough to trigger a psychic manifestation in your dreams. Sometimes, these dreams are so vivid and intense that they might hint at what the person is thinking.

Is it true if you can t go to sleep someone is thinking about you? ›

No when you can't sleep its just your thoughts or maybe you are not tired enough. If someone eles is dreaming about you than its just there mind replaying past experiences or their thoughts it is not the cause of tou not being able to sleep by it.

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Your partner has Christlike qualities. You feel comfortable and at peace when that someone is around. The two of you have a proven and tested friendship even before the relationship. You know there is true love between you.

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If you are in a trusting, positive friendship with your SO, that's an amazing sign!
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  2. You balance each other out. ...
  3. You respect each other's differences, but agree about the important things. ...
  4. You challenge each other. ...
  5. You can totally be yourself. ...
  6. You fight for the relationship.
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Another sign of a soulmate connection is a lot of touching. This person's touch will make you feel incredibly close. You'll notice that their touch makes you feel a sense of inner calm. Your soulmate will not worry about your imperfections or turn them off.

What does it mean when you have a romantic dream about someone you barely know? ›

When you dream about someone you hardly know, it is a sign of a connection that you feel with them, even if you might not know why. What is this? It could mean that you like the person, and that this person has a place in your life in some way.

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Most often, when twin flames dream of each other, it is a sign that they are not yet completely separated and that their love is stronger than their commitments to the physical world.

What does it mean to dream about someone you love but never met? ›

"When we dream about people we've never met, they could be a placeholder for someone we do not want to see, for whatever reason," Jeffrey notes. But these strangers could also be a manifestation of a part of ourselves that's not yet known or familiar.

What does it mean when you dream about your crush? ›

Why do you dream about your crush? "Generally speaking, if you dream about someone, it means that they have significance to you," says Dr. Torres-Mackie, "That significance could be positive, negative, or a mix of the two, but it means your mind holds them "in mind" even when you are asleep."

What does it mean when you can t stop thinking about someone? ›

If you are unable to stop thinking about someone, you most likely have 'anxious attachment'. You might push and pull in relationships to get a break from the anxiety they cause you. But if the other person leaves, you panic.

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  • sense that you're meeting yourself.
  • multiple similarities, sometimes uncanny.
  • deep connection.
  • desire to grow.
  • prioritization of growth over being in a relationship.
  • the meeting signifies a major change in your life.
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