How to Tell If You Love Someone: 30 Signs (2023)

How to Tell If You Love Someone: 30 Signs (1)

There is nothing more exciting than the feeling.fall in love with someone. The butterflies in your stomach, the desire to talk or be with them and the unexpected need to find new ways to impress them.

When you start to fall in love with someone, the emotions can become really extraordinary and there is a feeling that is very difficult to express.

And although it seems that you are in love, it is not always love. But how do you know if you love someone or just in love? Read on to find out.

Why it is important to know if you are in love

How to Tell If You Love Someone: 30 Signs (2)

Like any other emotion or feeling, it is important to recognize whether or not you are in love with someone.

It's never easy to be in a situation where you don't know if you love someone or not.

Perhaps you are in a situation where someone has expressed their adoration for you; However, you don't know if you're really ready to act on those emotions.

Or maybe the person you love is about to start a relationship with someone else and you need to express your feelings before the point of no return is passed.

But how would you know that what you are feeling is real, permanent, and valid?

Love is much more than other feelings that we experience in our lives.

It is something around which we build our lives. We are moving all over the world and raising families.

Therefore, it is important to understand if what you are feeling is really love or some form of lust or infatuation.

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How to know if you love someone: 30 signs

How to Tell If You Love Someone: 30 Signs (3)

How do you know you love someone? I'm really in love below areCknow you're in love

1. You keep looking at her

If you stare at them for a long time, it could be a sign that you are falling in love with that person.

Eye contact usually means you're obsessed with something.

If you look at someone several times, you should know that you have found a lover.

Studies have shown that couples who are at odds have a romantic connection. And this is true. You can't face someone if you don't feel anything for them.

(Video) 30 Signs That She Is In LOVE With You | Signs She Secretly Loves You But is Afraid To Admit

2. You wake up and go to bed thinking about her

How do you know you love someone?

When you are in love, you tend to think about the person you like, but more than that, it is your first thought in the morning and your last thought before going to sleep.

When you have feelings of love for someone, that person is also the first person you share the news with.

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3. You feel high

How can you know if you love someone?

Sometimes it can be hard to know if you love someone or not. That is why most people are left with the question, how do you know that you love someone?

Most of the time when you fall in love with someone you feel high, and that's normal for everyone.

A learnIn trying to assess the similarities between drug addiction and romantic love, I found that there are many similarities between the early stages of romantic love and drug addiction.

Well, if you don't know why you behaved this way, then that's why: you fall in love.

4. You think about someone too often

When you love someone, you definitely can't stop thinking about them.

The reason you keep thinking about your new lover is because your brain releases phenylethylamine, sometimes called the "love drug."

Phenylethylamine is a hormone that helps create the feeling between you and your partner.

If you never knew before, now is the time to do it. Phenylethylamine is also found in the chocolate you love.

So if you consume chocolate on a daily basis, that could be the reason why you can't stop thinking about your new partner.

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5. You always want to see her happy

In the true sense of the word, love should be aEgalitarian society. When you already love someone, you will feel that you want that person to be happy always.

And, in case you didn't know, compassionate love is a sign that you're going into a tailspin.healthy relationship. This means that you can do anything to make sure that your partner is happy at all times.

So when you are cooking dinner for your partner while she is busy with her chores, know that you are falling in love.

6. You've been stressed lately

Most of the time, love is associated with mixed feelings, but from time to time you will feel stressed.

When you're in love, your brain releases a hormone called cortisol, making you feel stressed.

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So if you've been freaking out lately, they know it's because of your new relationship. But don't stop just for that. Stress is normal in a relationship.

7. Do you feel jealous?

being in love with someone caninvite some jealousy, although in general you are not a jealous person. When you're in love with someone, you want them all to yourself, so a bit of jealousy is natural, as long as it's not obsessive.

8. They prioritize them over other activities

How to Tell If You Love Someone: 30 Signs (4)

Spend time with your loved oneit's a reward in itself, so start prioritizing it over other activities.

When you spend time with them, your stomach says, "I'm in love with this feeling" and craves more, prompting you to rearrange your plans and put them on top.

9. You fall in love with new things

When you really love someone, you will find yourself doing things you were never used to. For example, if you don't like watching soccer, your new partner might convince you to start watching TV.

If you are taking a different approach to life, then you don't have to worry because you are about to fall in love.

10. Time flies when you are with them

They spent the weekend together and woke up Monday morning and thought, how did two days fly by?

When we're around the person we're in love with, we're so caught up in the moment that hours go by without even realizing it.

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11. Do you sit on it?

You know you really love someone when you empathize and do everything you can to help your partner.

It's easy to do things for them because you want them to feel good and you can feel their need.

12. You change for the better

Most people say, "I think I'm in love" when their other half inspires them to become a better version of themselves.

It means that you are motivated to change because you want to, even if you are accepted for who you are.

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13. You love your quirks

All people have unique characteristics. Therefore, when you fall in love with someone, you will find that they have chosen qualities that make you unique and that is normal.

You will start to want to imitate how they talk, how they walk, and probably how they tell jokes.

Things like that keep a relationship going. Of course, they do not look serious, but they are harmful to your relationship.

14. They visualize a future together

How to Tell If You Love Someone: 30 Signs (5)

The moment most people realize and acknowledge "I think I'm in love" is when they realize they're making plans for a relationship.future togetherand secretly choose the names of the children.

(Video) 30 Signs a Guy is Hiding His Feelings For You [Signs He Likes You Secretly] Does He Like Me Secretly

So how do you know you love someone?

To answer that, ask yourself, did you get started and how do you envision your future together?

15. You crave physical closeness

If you want to be sure you're in love before you say "I think I'm in love," study yourNeed for physical contactWith your mate.

While we like to hug and be close to people we love, like friends and family, the feeling of craving physical contact is different in love.

It consumes you and you look for an opportunity to be intimate with the person you love.

Also, check out the following TED Talk where Dr. Terri Orbuch, Professor of Sociology at Oakland University and Research Professor at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan, talks about cues used to differentiate between lust and love and how to rekindle that lustful desire in long-term love relationships.

How to Tell If You Love Someone: 30 Signs (6)

16. Being with them seems easy

Every relationship brings its own struggles and arguments. There is no way around this.

However, when you are in love, the priority is the relationship, not your pride.

Although they sometimes argue, their relationship doesn't seem difficult to maintain and they enjoy being a part of it.

17. You want to spend as much time as possible with them.

When you fall in love, one of the best answers to know if you love someone is when you want to spend a lot of time with that person and it seems that it is never enough. You don't have to have any definite plans about what to do when the two of you are together, just having her around is enough.

Whatever your mood, your company is always welcome.

18. You wish him luck

Do you know what it is to love someone?

Well, another important sign of how to know if you love someone is when you really want them to be happy. You want them to feel good at all times. If your actions are not always correct, you do not wish them harm.

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19. You don't hold grudges

One of the signs that you love someone is when you don't hold a grudge or blame them for something that happened to you. You are forgiving and patient and choose to think rationally when dealing with them.

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20. You are fine if you are yourself in front of them

You are comfortable being your weird self in front of the person. Whether you are humming your favorite song even if you are a bad singer or making bad jokes, you can do whatever you want without hesitation.

21. You feel like saying "I love you."

You want to say "I love you" to the person and you can't help it. Whether you have already confessed your love or not, I love you remains on the tip of your tongue.

How to Tell If You Love Someone: 30 Signs (7)

(Video) 30 Soulmates Signs – How To Know If Someone Is Your Soulmate

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22. You feel ready to commit.

If you want to know if you love someone, you should try to gauge their willingness to commit. people are mostlyfear of attachmentand think twice before going that way. They want to be sure that the compromise is the right thing to do and that they are fully prepared for this big decision.

So if you love someone, commitment doesn't scare you. You feel completely ready to jump.

23. You feel their pain

How to know if you love someone?

You can feel their sadness and have a lot of empathy for them. You try to solve their problems because you can't see them suffer.

It might also push you to do beyond your ability to help them out of their pain, but you would like to do that.

24. You behave lovingly with them

No matter what type of personality you have, you are extremely affectionate with them. His personality softens in front of you. So if you're wondering how you know if you love someone, examine their change in behavior. All thanks tolove hormone, the oxytocin that gives you that attraction and that love.

25. They wait for your texts

You are glued to your phone most of the time because you are constantly waiting for their messages or constantly talking to them on your phone. If you like that message or call and you are afraid of it, this is the answer to find out if you love someone.

26. Do you feel safe?

Our body has a way of recognizing that feeling of security. So if you feel safe andvulnerable, it is because your body releases oxytocin and vasopressin, which give you a feeling of lasting love.

In these situations, your inner self knows the safe space and allows you to open up to the person.

27. You feel adventurous

How to Tell If You Love Someone: 30 Signs (8)

How are you supposed to know if you love someone when you have always played it safe and taken things in life calmly and firmly?

That's when you start to feel adventurous. When you fall in love, you want to go on adventures together and learn more about them through shared experiences and challenges. You're not afraid to wear your least favorite colors or go on the most adventurous outings. You are ready to add this new feature.

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28. Your opinion counts

Usually, when the relationship is relaxed, the other person's opinion hardly affects our life and most of the time we don't let it affect our life. However, it is not the same when things get serious.

With this person, you include them in big plans and are willing to take their point of view because you care about them and value their opinion.

29. Almost everything reminds you of her

No matter what you do and how busy you are, almost everything around you reminds you of them. When you have coffee, you think of having coffee with them. When you are busy with friends, you think about how happy you are with them. From any random color to a song, you associate everything with them.

30. Are you comfortable making sacrifices?

You're willing to make adjustments for her, and making some sacrifices to keep her happy doesn't really bother you or feel like a burden. It's okay to take care of her and make her happy with your little dates.

To involve

The question is, how do you know that if you're in love, you're still in trouble? Knowing if you are falling in love with someone else can be challenging, but you can tell if you are in love with all of the above signs.

In the end, build up your courage and if you love someone, tell them.

(Video) 30 Signs She Secretly Loves You But Is Too Scared To Tell You


How do I know if I really love someone? ›

When you're in love with someone, you'll start to develop strong compassion for them. The powerful urge to be connected to this person brings new aspects to your relationship, such as emotional or physical intimacy, passion, and a desire to know everything about them, and be known by them in return.

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If you've met a special someone and are looking for signs that they're the real deal, here's 5 things to look out for:
  • They are patient. Just like the process of finding love, love itself should never leave you feeling rushed. ...
  • They are kind. Kindness is measurable. ...
  • They are understanding. ...
  • They are genuine. ...
  • They are loyal.
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When you start thinking about someone else's desires and needs as much as your own, it's a pretty good sign that you are in love, Shaffer says. "You may not necessarily want the same things but when you are in love, you start thinking of the other person's perspective just as much as your own."

How do you recognize your soul mate? ›

If you are in a trusting, positive friendship with your SO, that's an amazing sign!
  1. Being with them feels like home. ...
  2. You balance each other out. ...
  3. You respect each other's differences, but agree about the important things. ...
  4. You challenge each other. ...
  5. You can totally be yourself. ...
  6. You fight for the relationship.
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