SUMMARY of the SNP leadership election as Humza Yousaf wins the race to replace Sturgeon (2023)

SUMMARY of the SNP leadership election as Humza Yousaf wins the race to replace Sturgeon (1)

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Humza Yousaf said he felt like the "happiest man in the world" after being chosen as the new leader of the SNP.

He succeeds Nicola Sturgeon in that role and will now be formally elected Scotland's sixth Prime Minister for the MSP on Tuesday.

She scored a narrow victory over rival Kate Forbes after tallying the second choice votes when Ash Regan was eliminated from the competition after the first round of voting.

In a speech announcing his victory, he vowed to devote "every moment of his life" to serving the people of Scotland.

He will be the first person from an ethnic minority to become prime minister and the first Muslim to lead the country, as well as being the youngest prime minister in history.

The 37-year-old recalled how his grandparents moved to Scotland from Punjab over six decades ago.

Scroll down to see a summary of the day's events.

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key events

  • Humza Yousaf Gana

  • Voting ends

  • Yousaf will support wealth tax if it wins competition to become SNP leader

  • SNP leads battle marked by resignations and bitter TV debates

  • When will the winner be announced?

andreas quinn

Alex Salmond warns Humza Yousaf not to tread Scottish independence 'in the tall grass'.

Alex Salmond warned Humza Yousaf that "continuity won't do", as he told the new SNP leader that "the constitutional question cannot be kicked back in the tall grass".

I congratulateJosephEyour victoryin the race to succeed Nicola Sturgeon, but warned her, given the close vote, that she needed to listen to what the other candidates were saying during the campaign.

you can read moreHere.

(Video) Humza Yousaf wins bid to replace Nicola Sturgeon as leader of the SNP

andreas quinn

Humza Yousaf calls for Section 30 order 'immediately' in Scottish independence struggle

Humza Yousaf has stated that he will apply for a Section 30 order "immediately" within hours of taking the top job.

Speaking to ITV News after his win, Yousaf said he would pursue the proxies.hold another referendum"immediately".

you can read moreHere.

andreas quinn

Who is the new head of the SNP?

The 37 year old manhe will be the youngest prime minister in history and the first person from an ethnic minority to hold the post.

He has been MSP since 2011 and has represented Glasgow Pollok since 2016. He has also served in the Scottish Government since 2012.

But who is Humza Yousaf?

you can read moreHere.

andreas quinn

Greens vote to remain in Scottish government

The Greens voted to remain in the Scottish government after Humza Yousaf5 was elected leader of the SNP.

A Scottish Green Party Council meeting unanimously voted for the party's MSPs to support Humza Yousaf to become prime minister and continue the Bute House Agreement.

Yousaf always said she was in favor of the deal, but Forbes and Regan threatened to break it if they won.

you can read moreHere.

andreas quinn

Forbes upholds the "continuity, don't cut" message.

Kate Forbes defended her leadership campaign message that "continuity is not overlooked" after narrowly failing to become leader of the SNP.

Speaking to reporters at Murrayfield Stadium after the leadership result was announced, Forbes insisted it had not changed its campaign.

And he said he would support Yousaf "in whatever way I can" when asked if he would remain in cabinet.

you can read moreHere.

andreas quinn

Yousaf pledges to lead Scotland for all

The new leader of the SNP, Humza Yousaf, has announced that he will lead Scotland in everyone's interest.

He said he was the "happiest man in the world" and quoted former Labor leader John Smith in his victory speech.

you can read moreHere.

andreas quinn

Forbes still comes home with its core message

andreas quinn

Anas Sarwar: "This is a significant moment for Scotland"

Scottish Labor leader Anas Sarwar said the election of Humza Yousaf was "a significant moment for Scotland".

He said: "I sincerely congratulate Humza Yousaf on his election.

“While I question his tenure and the SNP's record, it is important to reflect on the choice of the first ethnic minority prime minister. Whatever his politics, this is a significant moment for Scotland.

“But as Scotland grapples with the cost of living crisis and the emergence of the NHS, it is clear that the SNP lacks the answers Scotland needs.

“This chaotic and divided party is disconnected and out of ideas.

“Humza Yousaf inherited the SNP's dismal record, but not Nicola Sturgeon's tenure.

(Video) SNP Leadership Debate: Who will replace Nicola Sturgeon?

andreas quinn

SNP Members Express "Relief"

andreas quinn

Nicola Sturgeon congratulates Yousaf

andreas quinn

Yousaf says he will lead Scotland "in the interests of all our citizens".

Humza Yousaf has said he will seek to lead Scotland "in the interest of all our citizens" regardless of their political affiliation.

He said: "If you are elected as your Prime Minister in Parliament tomorrow, you will know that I will be Prime Minister of all Scotland.

“I will work every minute of every day to earn and regain your respect and trust.

"I will do this by treating you, the people of Scotland, with respect.

“There will be no empty promises or mere comments when future issues are difficult and complex.

"Because governing isn't easy and I'm not going to pretend it is."

andreas quinn

Yousaf hopes to win the left vote

andreas quinn

"The luckiest man in the world"

andreas quinn

Yousaf is now answering questions.

After thanking his family for their support, Humza Yousaf now responds to media inquiries.

STV's Colin Mackay asked him how he was going to unite the party after a 'blue' campaign.

Yousaf said, "I have faith in my colleagues that we will pull together. There will be no Team Kate, there will be no Team Humza, there will be no Team Ash. There will only be Team SNP."

andreas quinn

Yousaf receives 52% of the votes

SNP national secretary Lorna Finn said turnout in the party leadership election was 70 percent.

In the first preferences, Humza Yousaf received 24,336 (48 percent), Kate Forbes 20,559 (40 percent) and Ash Regan 5,599 (11 percent) of the votes.

When the second-place picks in the second round were distributed, Humza Yousaf took 26,032 (52 percent) and Kate Forbes 23,890 (48 percent).

(Video) Humza Yousaf wins leadership election of Scotland’s ruling party, set to lead the country

andreas quinn

Yousaf now speaks to the public

After eliminating Ash Regan, Humza Yousaf got 26,032 votes. Kate Forbes received 23,890 votes.

He promised to become Prime Minister "for all Scotland".


Humza Yousaf Gana

Humza Yousaf is the new head of the SNP.

andreas quinn

you are here now

The candidates have already left and the managing director of the SNP, Kirsten Oswald, addresses the audience.

andreas quinn

we are still waiting

Candidates are still not in the room, although it is past 2:00 pm.

andreas quinn

don't reveal too much

andreas quinn

10 minutes left...

Excitement builds as we approach the question of who the new leader of the SNP is.

andreas quinn

a good day for that

andreas quinn

the stage is set

(Video) Humza Yousaf wins SNP leadership race to become the next First Minister of Scotland

andreas quinn

Yousaf thanks supporters after voting concludes


Voting ends

Voting in the competition for the next SNP leader is now complete.

The election lasted two weeks.

The result is expected to be announced around 2pm this afternoon at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh.

Chris McCall

Holyrood Green-SNP deal could be at risk

The coalition deal between the SNP and the Scottish Greens could fall apart after today's leadership announcement.

Patrick Harvie, co-leader of the Greens, said yesterday that the political alliance depends on the new SNP leader sharing his party's values.

The Greens and the SNP signed the "Bute House Agreement" in 2021, and Sturgeon's party needed the support of a pro-independence partner to give it a parliamentary majority.

Humza Yousaf, the favorite in the competition, said he would go ahead with a partnership agreement based on progressive policies.

andreas quinn

Only 15 minutes left until the polls close

SNP members now have just fifteen minutes to vote.

As soon as it is noon, voting will close and the result will be available to us a few hours later.

andreas quinn

Another bookmaker puts Yousaf way ahead

It would be "a miracle" if Humza Yousaf didn't win, says Ladbrokes.

The bookmaker has now named the Health Secretary as the next Scottish Prime Minister at a price of just 1/8, with Kate Forbes out at 3/1 and Ash Regan at 40/1.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: "With just hours in the race to succeed Nicola Sturgeon, the odds suggest that anything short of a win for Humza Yousaf would be nothing short of a miracle."

andreas quinn

A sign for the future?

andreas quinn

Humza Yousaf is clear favorite, says bookmaker

Humza Yousaf is clear favorite in SNP leadership competitionBetfair.

Bookmakers put Yousaf at 2/13 to replace Nicola Sturgeon.

Kate Forbes is second at 5/1 while Ash Regan is a dark horse at 20/1.

(Video) Scotland: Humza Yousaf replaces Nicola Sturgeon as SNP leader | Latest English

There are only 50 minutes left until the end of voting.


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