The impact of vaccines: aluminum, autoimmunity, autism and Alzheimer's disease (2023)

Refute big pharma's arguments about the safety of aluminum (and mercury) in vaccines

The impact of vaccines: aluminum, autoimmunity, autism and Alzheimer's disease (1)

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a sermonGardasil will be the biggest medical scandal of all timeBecause at some point, the evidence is going to accumulate and show that this vaccine... has absolutely no effect on cervical cancer, andAll the many harmful effects that destroy life and even death have no other purpose than to generate profit for the manufacturer.dr. Bernard Dalbergue, a former physician in the pharmaceutical industry at Gardasil maker Merck & Co., added emphatically.

"No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable...for damages resulting from injury or death caused by a vaccine."—President Ronald Reagan when he signedNational Childhood Vaccine Injury Act(nvidia)in 1986It absolves pharmaceutical companies of all medical legal responsibility when vaccines kill or maim children.

"271 vaccines in development cover a wide range of diseases and use new and exciting scientific technologies and strategies. These potential vaccines, all in human clinical trials or under review by the US Food and Drug Administration ( FDA), include 137 vaccines against infections diseases, 99 vaccines against cancer, 15 vaccines against allergies and 10 vaccines against neurological diseases". Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) Statement– Trade associations and pressure groups for the pharmaceutical industry.

A major talking point at Big Pharma, Big Vaccine, CDC, AMA, and the American Academy of Pediatrics.As they try to justify the use of the neurotoxin aluminum (and mercury) in their vaccines:

"People should not be afraid of the small amounts of aluminum or mercury that many human and animal vaccines contain or have contained."

They say for sure that aluminum is the third most common element in the earth's crust, after oxygen and silicon. Oxygen makes up about 47% of the Earth's mass. Silicon came in second with 28%, followed by aluminum with 8%. They also say that aluminum is probably as harmless as oxygen and silicone, and that people are also exposed to aluminum in oral antacids and underarm antiperspirants, and that it has not been "convincingly" shown that these products cause "statistically significant serious effects". "Health concerns. Of course, they fail to mention that the "study" testing the safety (and efficacy) of aluminum was designed, conducted, and paid for by an unregulated, untested, and widely used industry that profits from the excessive use of aluminum injected aluminum in the US immunization schedule

It is important to note that the reason aluminum has been used in vaccines for over 80 years is that it has been found to"assistant"(defined as "A substance that enhances the body's immune response to an antigen. "one"antigen"Y"Poisons or other foreign substances that cause an immune response in the body."Interestingly, no one really understands the exact role of aluminum as an adjuvant and there is an urgent need to find other adjuvants as the vaccine industry realizes how toxic it is.

Adjuvants, when incubated with certain viral particles in the laboratory, somewhat temporarily overstimulate antibody production and thus often produce the desired temporary artificial serological immunity against viruses, viral particles, bacterial particle toxoids.

This plausible theory of vaccinology ignores the fact that intramuscular injection of aluminum can easily lead to an overstimulation of antibodies in certain normal body tissues of the vaccinator, termed "vaccine-induced autoimmune disease." How this happens is discussed later in this article.

The difference between oral aluminum and injectable aluminum

It is important to understand that there is an important difference between oral intake of aluminum (in some antacids) and intramuscular injection of aluminum (commonly used in many vaccines).

Orally ingested aluminum is poorly absorbed into the blood through the intestinal mucosa. Only a small fraction (0.3%) of the total dose is absorbed, meaning that 99.7% of ingested aluminum is not absorbed and is therefore excreted in the faeces.

There are questions about how toxic ingested aluminum is to the intestinal lining or gut bacteria, or how harmful the 0.3 percent of aluminum that enters the bloodstream is to cells in the body. This depends on the total load of toxic metals such as aluminium, lead, mercury, iron, cadmium, and manganese, and on the presence of other toxins such as psychoactive drugs, vaccines, and food additives. Another important factor is the health and maturity of the blood-brain barrier (or placental barrier, in the unfortunate case of women who were vaccinated during pregnancy, exposing the fetus to potentially brain-damaging substances). The blood-brain barrier will be discussed later.

Most of the aluminum that enters the blood is excreted by the kidneys. But the extent to which aluminum damages the kidneys, blood cells, and circulatory system has not been thoroughly studied.

However, aluminum (mercury [thimerosal, another vaccine ingredient widely used in childhood vaccines early in the severe autism epidemic]) is known to be harmful to all organ systems and their mitochondria, especially the kidneys, thyroid, liver, bones and brain.

(Remember that any toxin that enters the bloodstream can negatively affect every other organ in the body.) The degree of damage caused depends in part on the health of the individual's diet, the amount of antioxidants in the diet, the detoxification system in the liver, and the blood-brain barrier.blood brain barrier

Fortunately, due to the blood-brain barrier (BBB), the normal brain is relatively safe from many of the toxins that animals are exposed to. The BBB is a unique system of brain capillaries with its endothelial cells and abnormal "tight junctions" between each cell. These endothelial cells are supposed to keep large molecules and infectious substances away from the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF, the fluid that bathes the brain and spinal cord) and therefore from the fragile central nervous system (CNS). The BBB is a very effective protector of the brain unless you are immature (as is the case with all small babies), or elderly or ill (this is the case for the elderly, acutely or chronically ill, people taking large quantities of drugs). , highly vaccinated individuals, and individuals exposed to toxic substances known to harm the BBB Toxins known to harm the BBB include solvents, herbicides, pesticides, viruses, bacteria, street drugs, many medications, toxic foods, toxic water, metals toxic (including aluminum and mercury in vaccines), electromagnetic radiation, etc.

As mentioned above, the aluminum vaccine is designed to hyperstimulate antibody production. Antigens from vaccines that will be sold to the public are first tested in chicken or duck eggs, chicken kidney cells, mouse brain, African green monkey kidney cells, or human fetuses in the laboratories of vaccine manufacturers in the United States. major pharmaceutical companies, such as Merck and GlaxoSmithKline. grown in cells (GSK), Sanofi Pasteur and MedImmune. Then, the aluminum nanoparticles were adsorbed on these antigens in the cylinder. Various other substances are then added, including multidose vial preservatives (eg, mercury, antibiotics, formaldehyde, phenol, phenoxyethanol).

When the aluminum-containing inoculum is finally injected into the muscle tissue of the recipient, the body's immune system should produce antibodies (immunoglobulins) against the antigens on which the aluminum nanoparticles have adsorbed. The strength of antibody production varies widely, from no effect to a hyperimmune response.

There is some difference in whether the injection accidentally enters subcutaneous fatty tissue, directly into a blood vessel, or into scar tissue. The duration of the antibody response also varies widely, depending on these factors.

Certainly, any delayed antibody response is likely to be temporary. Some side effects, such as high fainting rates and POTS syndrome after vaccination with Gardisil, may be due to the fact that the vaccine is injected into small blood vessels and therefore goes directly into the bloodstream and not into the muscles.

It is also true that vaccination has no (or even negative) effect on cellular immunity, the equally important other half of the immune system.

But vaccines can have serious side effects because the recipient's monocytes (macrophages) see the injected substance as foreign. The main purpose of macrophages is to attack a foreign substance penetrating through the protective skin or mucosal surfaces of the body, thereby mitigating the toxic effects of bacteria, debris, cat bite saliva, injected vaccine components, etc. Normally functioning macrophages neutralize some of the toxicity of the foreign body.

How do aluminum-adjuvanted vaccines lead to neurotoxic diseases such as autism or dementia?

Below, I describe two serious unwanted and undesirable consequences that can occur when aluminum-coated antigens are injected into animal muscle tissue:

1) After ingestion of the aluminum-coated vaccine material, macrophages in the body migrate to the lymphatic system (including regional lymph nodes) and then into the bloodstream, eventually reaching many other distant organs, including the liver, spleen , bones, brain and blood. anywhere else they flow.

Macrophages can enter the brain through the unique "tight junctions" located between the endothelial cells of the BBB. When the BBB is healthy, it blocks most toxic substances, such as most proteins, viruses, bacteria, macromolecular drugs, toxic metals, and other toxic substances, such as dissolved aluminum ions.

Many toxic substances are more likely to enter the CSF if the BBB is immature or diseased. So while dissolved aluminum in the blood cannot enter the brain by itself, when it is inside macrophages, it can enter protected areas of the brain, potentially making brain cells (neurons, vegetative glia, and synapses) organelles. where toxic neurotransmitters work their magic. Macrophages appear to be identical to brain microglia in that they have similar nutritional and detoxifying functions.

The above phenomenon is well studied and is the mechanism that explains how the injected aluminum adjuvant material passes through the old or diseased BBB in so-called dementia patients or passes through the immature BBB to the brain of babies, thus may condemn some. These victims may develop vaccine-induced dementia or vaccine-induced autism spectrum disorder, ADHD or other behavioral disorders or neurodegenerative disorders.

How aluminum adjuvants cause autoimmune diseases?

2) Another serious thing that can happen when aluminum is injected into animal tissue, especially the small bodies of children or babies, is that the needle can injure any tissue it penetrates.

This trauma, together with the inevitable inflammation caused by the components of the vaccine, will cause the breakdown of other paramuscular tissues, such as the now damaged muscle tissue, local blood vessels, white blood cells, platelets, blood coagulation factors. , collagen tissue, nerve tissue, bone marrow phospholipids, etc., can coat some of these normal cells with aluminum adjuvant and allow the body's immune system to produce antibodies against its own tissues, the disease-defining disorder. autoimmunity.

Thus, patients with autoimmune diseases such as macrophage myofasciitis (MMF), adjuvant-induced autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome (ASIA), lupus, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, dermatomyositis, scleroderma, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, Guillain-Barré syndrome, multiple sclerosis, the Gulf War, type 1 or type 2 diabetes, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, etc. they may actually be caused by an autoimmune disease from the vaccine. (Google researchers like Romain Kroum Gherardi, Yehuda Shoenfeld, Chris Shaw, Lucija Tomljenović, etc.)

There are numerous case reports and case series in the medical literature of vaccine-induced autoimmunity throughout the world. The only journal that publishes without subsidy and receives no advertising fees from drug companies (and has no additional editors hired by big drug companies, the CDC, or the AA).

These vaccine-induced autoimmune diseases are iatrogenic (caused by doctors, prescription drugs, vaccines, surgeries), so their mere existence makes them a taboo subject, not to be openly discussed. But in the venerable "do no harm" race that I proudly joined after graduating medical school more than 40 years ago, drug-induced iatrogenic diseases consistently top the list of differential diagnoses. Over the years, this teaching seems to have disappeared.

However, for the benefit of our vulnerable patients, especially infants and the elderly, who are becoming sicker as more drugs and vaccines are prescribed, medical agents should be actively considered by respected physicians and paraprofessionals when faced with the possibility of having sexual intercourse in patients with an autoimmune disorder. . disorder.

Additional vaccination should be contraindicated in patients with vaccine-induced autoimmune disorders or vaccine-induced neurodevelopmental disorders.

Vaccine-related injuries, deaths, and autoimmune diseases are becoming more common among the all-vaccinated population. Close attention should be paid to the association between fully vaccinated older adults in the United States (who receive their annual flu shot followed by an aluminum-containing annual flu shot) and the large increase in dementia.

It is well known that any additional exposure to heavy metals leads to an exacerbation of toxic diseases triggered by heavy metal exposure. Together, the two toxins can result in a large synergistic (rather than additive) increase in toxicity. This synergy appears to be true when the aluminum and mercury vaccines are administered at the same time. So, without acknowledging diseases caused by vaccines, autism, autoimmune diseases and dementia in already poisoned patients will worsen, resulting in higher long-term health care costs and more human suffering, the opposite of what Doctors promise: "First do no harm."

There are plenty of whistleblower experts (see below) trying to warn doctors, journalists and lawmakers about the dangers of Big Pharma's highly profitable over-vaccination business plan. These silent and outnumbered whistleblowers have stepped on some big toes, namely big multinational pharmaceutical companies with armies of savvy lawyers, crafty front groups, well-paid lobbyists, and control over mainstream news content. This combination can easily destroy the careers of honest altruism researchers, threatening their bottom lines, and they already are, in the most dramatic and brutal case of Dr. Andrew Wakefield (see his powerful YouTube presentation).

Adding to the urgency of the issue is the fact that the medical establishment has allowed Big Pharma to consistently condemn it against honest whistleblowers: doctors and academics like Wakefield, Suzanne Humphries, Sherri Tenpenny, Russell Blaylock, Diane Harper, Toni Bark and Kelly. Brogan. —as well as the likes of Stephanie Seneff, non-medical experts like Brian Hooker, Barbara Loe-Fischer, Gary Goldman, and Robert Kennedy Jr. (Look up each of them and listen to their testimonials on YouTube before you dismiss this One Stop column:。

If the medical establishment continues to deny or ignore the dangers of vaccines, the economic impact of diseases caused by just three vaccines will not only increase dramatically in frequency and intensity, but will also add billions to the cost of caring for autistic people with permanent disabilities. . permanently disabled "Alzheimer's" patients and a "mysterious" epidemic of autoimmune disease that will bankrupt the country (if the Pentagon budget doesn't do it first).

Dra. Colesis a retired physician from Duluth, Minnesota, USA. He writes a weekly column for the Duluth Reader, the region's alternative news weekly. His columns discuss the dangers of American fascism, corporatism, militarism, racism, malnutrition, Big Pharma psychiatric drugs and excessive vaccination programs, and other movements that threaten the environment, health, democracy , civilization and population longevity.


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