WikiLeaks: Ecuador is controlled by "criminals and scammers." Assange's full legal defense against the US (2023)

WikiLeaks: Ecuador is controlled by

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  • THE FACTS: Three weeks before the deadline for the US to make a final request for Assange's extradition, Ecuadorian officials will travel to London to allow US prosecutors to dispose of Assange's belongings.
  • Reflection: How does the global elite have the right and power to do what they did to Julian Assange and Edward Snowden? Do we really live in a democracy when a few in power can make fundamentally different decisions than the majority?

What happened to Julian Assange is heartbreaking. He is a hero, like Edward Snowden. Keeping state secrets is not the protection of what is commonly called "national security", but the protection of political and corporate interests. After all, it is clear that the United States is run by a small group of companies. These companies have a lot of influence in shaping government policy and they don't like people spilling their secrets. For years, WikiLeaks has been leaking documents revealing massive corruption within multiple governments, including the United States and, indeed, the entire Western military alliance. They revealed how our world works very differently than it was presented and never had to take back any story. They exposed the invisible government, or "the real threat to the republic," a term coined by former New York City Mayor John F. Hyland. Hyland once said, "The invisible government, like a giant octopus, stretches out its slimy legs toward our cities, states, and countries." He exposed those who "really run America for selfish ends," the government people. (fuente)

Transparency is what makes Julian Assange, the American empire and the global empire desperately protect their secrets and prosecute anyone or anything that threatens their secrets. this is all. They proved it with Chelsea Manning.

Not only people like Assange are demonized and persecuted, but also the alternative media. The “fake news” war that has been going on for some time has resulted in alternative media being labeled “fake news” even when they provide credible information and sources. Any outlet that even disputed the controversial issue would be branded as "wrong" or "false."

What happened to Assange is deeply unfair and should serve as a massive "wake up call" to everyone who has not "woke up". Truth and press freedom threaten an ongoing cycle of global elites creating problems and then proposing solutions to achieve the desired results. Some of the biggest leaks WikiLeaks has produced have come when they have uncovered links between terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS and Western military alliances, specifically the US government. Current presidential candidate and then-Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard,even introduced the billprevent this from happening.

We see arms deals and funding/support for terrorist groups the US claims to be fighting. This is a great example of global elites funding and creating problems to justify desired results (in this case, strengthening national security measures at home to protect people from the "war on terror" and justifying their infiltration into another country is legitimate) a country with an ulterior motives).

I could elaborate on this, but the bottom line is that Julian Assange's arrest was at the hands of the same global criminals he exposed, who, ironically, use their power and influence over the mainstream media. Sila describes Assange as a man who should be behind bars.

Assange's latest advances

Here are the latest updates from the WikiLeaks teamrecent press release.

Three weeks before the deadline for the United States to submit a final request for Assange's extradition, Ecuadorian officials are heading to London to allow US prosecutors to dispose of Assange's belongings.

Neither Julian Assange nor United Nations officials were able to attend when Ecuadorian officials arrived at the Ecuadorian embassy in London on Monday morning.

The chain of custody is broken. Assange's lawyers will not be present at the illegal seizure of her property, which was "at the request of the authorities of the United States of America."

The materials included two of his manuscripts, as well as legal documents, medical records, and electronic devices. By confiscating his belongings, laws protecting medical and legal secrecy, as well as the protection of the press, were violated.

The seizure is officially listed as "International Criminal Assistance Requested by United States Authorities 376-2018-WTT." The legal document reference number indicates that official cooperation between Ecuador and the United States began in 2018.

Since the date of Assange's arrest on April 11, 2019, dozens of written requests from Assange's lawyers and the Australian consulate to the Ecuadorian embassy for his release and the return of his belongings have gone unanswered.

Earlier this week, the UN special rapporteur on privacy met Assange at Belmarsh prison on April 25, where he asked to be present to monitor Ecuador's seizure of Assange's assets. Ecuador has inexplicably rejected the request, despite a clear commitment since 2003 to issue an unimpeded public invitation to UN special rapporteurs to investigate any of their mandates under Ecuadorian jurisdiction.

The seizure of Mr. Assange's property and its transfer to the United States is the second phase of bilateral cooperation. In January and February, Ecuador arranged for the United States to question former and current Ecuadorian diplomats sent to the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Assange gets asylum. The questioning is related to the US grand jury investigation against Assange and WikiLeaks. As part of the first phase of cooperation, the US also requested from Ecuador documents and audiovisual materials on Assange and his guests, collected during a large spy operation against Assange inside the embassy.

On Friday, President Lenín Moreno activated the state of emergency, suspending the rights of prisoners to the "inviolability of correspondence, freedom of association and assembly, and freedom of information" through Executive Decree 741.

WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsson said:

“On Monday, Ecuador will stage a puppet show at the Ecuadorian embassy in London for their masters in Washington, just in time to expand their extradition case before the June 14 UK deadline. The Trump administration is urging its allies to act like they are in the Wild West."

Hrafnsson continued:

"Ecuador is run by criminals and fraudsters. There is no doubt that Ecuador, independently or at the behest of the United States, manipulated the assets that they were going to send to the United States."

Baltasar Garzón, the international legal coordinator defending Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, said:

“It is very worrying that Ecuador has begun the search and confiscation of assets, documents, information and other material belonging to the defense of Julian Assange, which Ecuador has arbitrarily seized to deliver to its agents of political persecution, the United States of America. America. This is an unprecedented attack on the rights of defense, freedom of expression and access to information, reporting of human rights violations and large-scale corruption. We call on international protection agencies to intervene and stop this persecution."

As part of the spying operation against Mr. Assange in October 2018, embassy staff recorded Mr. Assange's lawyer, Aitor Martínez said:

“Ecuador flagrantly violated the most basic norms of the asylum system by indiscriminately delivering all the personal effects of the asylum seeker to the country of their protection, the United States. This is completely unprecedented in the history of the asylum. The protectorate cannot compete with the pursuit of its protection, the agent of the facility cooperates.

Ecuador now also rejects a request by the UN privacy special rapporteur, Joe Cannatato, to monitor and examine the cooperative measures. Ecuador's refusal to cooperate with the UN Special Rapporteur violates the entire UN system of international protection of human rights. From now on, Ecuador will be seen as a country that operates outside the system of rights guarantees that defines democracies. "

Assange's Ecuadorian lawyer, Carlos Poveda, said:

“Faced with numerous violations, and acting in accordance with domestic legislation and international instruments on human rights, the defense challenged the implementation of this measure. All requests were rejected. Although the prosecution declared its commitment to the protection of human rights, transparency is lacking. , and the investigation is carried out in secret. Without justification and without any legal standard, this measure shows an interest in obtaining information that could be used by the United States to commit open persecution. At the same time, Ecuador has hinted that it also intends to investigate. At the same time, despite the seriousness of the facts reported, to this day, our criminal espionage charges against Julian Assange remain pending."


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